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About F.a.C.T Ltd

F.a.C.T stands for Farm and Community Technologies Ltd. F.a.C.T Ltd was formed in November 2007.

F.a.C.T believes that agriculture is one major way to uplift the economies of small scale and large scale farmers in Kenya.

From our experience the farmer has evolved a lot today and we now have farmers who are youths, people who are working and also part time farming, the full time professional farmers and the elderly farmers. All these groups require information and advise on how to increase their products and we at F.a.C.T Ltd are available to help out.
It is a company whose main mission is in agriculture.

* To equip animal and crop farmers with better knowledge and technologies that are applicable, adaptable, and affordable for increased profitability.


* To be a leading provider of knowledge and services in farming technologies

Core Values
F.a.C T upholds the following values:

Moral integrity